Wolff Urban Management LLC is a leading private real estate and select business investment opportunity organization that invests in and develops commercial urban real estate, professional sports activities, luxury hotel and resort properties, hotel management companies, and hospitality related assets. Wolff Urban Management LLC has consistently produced attractive investment returns by capitalizing on its principals' extensive industry experience, adhering to strict acquisition criteria, and engaging in active asset management of its portfolio assets.


Wolff Urban Management, LLC and its predecessor company, Wolff Sesnon Buttery, are privately held investment and real estate companies engaged in the acquisition, development and management of select real estate projects and select business opportunities. Since 1968, Wolff Sesnon Buttery and its principals have developed over 4,000,000 square feet of urban real estate including office, hotel, retail, town-home and commercial parking properties.


The philosophy of the firm is based on the belief that successful real estate and business investing is best accomplished with limited delegation, direct principal involvement, and the injection of company equity. Wolff Urban Management is a recognized participant in numerous public/private real estate endeavors directed at increasing the tax base, employment base, and positive identity of urban municipalities and jurisdictions.

Wolff Urban Management is actively engaged in real estate and hotel acquisition, development, investment, asset management, and public/private partnerships concentrating on community responsive projects.


An experienced staff of business professionals directs the firm's activities which include operating business investment and acquisition, land and improved property acquisition, land use entitlement, commercial and multi-family residential development, construction management, property management, property disposition and portfolio/asset management. Selected key personnel undertake value added assignments and participate in the positive results of their entrepreneurial efforts.


In 1991, the principals of Wolff Urban Management established Maritz, Wolff & Co. with its partner Philip Maritz. Wolff and its private investor base have acquired over $1,800,000,000 in luxury hotel properties since its inception. These hotel properties are operated under the Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, Fairmont, and Rosewood brands. In addition to its hotel ownership positions, the company also has held significant ownership interests in the Fairmont and Rosewood hotel management companies.

This website highlights a sampling of the market segments and properties that Wolff Urban Management has acquired, managed and sold over the past six decades. For inquires and information about the company please visit our Contact page on this website.